Newtracs v2.6.14 – Upgrade from 28 July to access enhanced features


Newtracs is implementing a key infrastructure upgrade on 28 July 2022. This will require all Newtracs mobile app users (Android & iOS) to update on or after this date to ensure the app continues to function properly.

Note that users will not be able to login, sync saved trips & data, or view latest 4×4 trail conditions info until they update.

Any user can update the app via iTunes App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.

Key improvements include:

  • Improved user data syncing processes including more reliable syncing of data between devices
  • Key bug fixes to ensure correct function whilst offline and in areas of poor connectivity
  • User data functions (favourite tracks, pins, trip editing) now work completely offline
  • Improved vehicle profile functions including ability to enter vehicle details manually
  • Improved overall app performance including reduced resource consumption
  • Improved trip data analysis process – trips will now update the public map data within hours
  • New app settings option to keep screen awake even when not logging a trip
  • Added a link to FAQ and other support functions
  • Minor bug fixes

Web map retirement

The Newtracs live web map will also be phased out during this infrastructure change. The live map has served the platform well from its early prototype stages and will be decommissioned in light of our more advanced mobile app offerings.

Further Information

For more information on how Newtracs see our overview of key features here.

You can find information on features included across our subscription plans here including pricing.

Newtracs Crew

Newtracs Crew

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