What is



Newtracs is a crowdsourced 4wd track database.  It addresses the difficulty in finding current information on 4wd track conditions and difficulty currently experienced by avid 4wders and camping enthusiasts.  Information that does exist is often dispersed across many sources including forums, social media, and official government sites.  This information is often outdated and often cannot be stored to mobile devices to access in the field.

Our proprietary platform is able to analyse trip logs collected by users to accurately assess the condition and difficulty grade of a 4wd track without any user input or opinion.  Reports are submitted via our mobile app every time you log an off-road trip.  In this way track info can be kept up-to-date by ensuring the process of information collection is more streamlined, frequent and simple.



  • 2017

    Newtracs founded

    The Newtracs track assessment algorithm is developed and a prototype web map is released as a pilot.

  • 2018

    Prototype refined

    Over a period of 12 months the Newtracs track analysis algorithm is further refined thanks to donations of trip logs from an active group of 4wder supporters.

  • 2019

    iOS app released

  • 2020

    Android app released

  • 2021

    Data sharing partnerships

    The first data sharing partnership is established with the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning in Victoria, who will use Newtracs 4wd track insights to help fight bushfires.

Who is



Newtracs was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2017 by James Nuccio, a data analytics consultant, software developer and avid 4wder.  His goal was simple – build an app that makes exploring the Australian bush safer and more accessible to the wider population. 

Today, Newtracs is built & maintained by a dedicated team of engineers & marketers, all of whom are keen 4wders & outdoor enthusiasts.